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Property Protection

Are you concerned about your landscape and property staying protected during the reroofing process? Rest assured. We are experts in residential roofing. Your property will look just as good as it did when we arrive. We take pains to protect your flowers and shrubbery  and we'll cover any decks or patios that might be in close proximity to the roof.

By investing in this piece of equipment we have transformed the way we do roof replacements. It is the answer to total property protection, while at the same time increasing the efficiency of our workforce. It is self propelled and very maneuverable,to allow us get into yards and tight spots where trucks and trailers can't go.It's lightweight aluminum design and wide tires will keep the damage to your yard minimal. See for yourself to see how the roofers buggy improves the tearoff process.

The Roofers Buggy

  • It is our goal to provide you with execeptional value for your dollar. That cannot be acheived without high quality materials. Here is an overview of the materials we use and recommend.


  • After cleaning your roof deck, a self adhering membrane (ice & water guard) is installed on all eaves and in all vulnerable areas.


  • The remainder of the roof is then covered with a high quality synthetic underlayment.Compared to regular asphalt felt, synthetic felt will not break down, crack, or buckle. While slightly more expensive than traditional felts, the benefits by far outweigh the costs.


  • All new aluminum drip edging will be installed on the roof perimeters. We will also replace your vent boots and chimney flashing, as these areas are very vulnerable to leaks. All our aluminum products are available in various colors.


  • Asphalt shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Our recommendation and #1 seller is GAF's Timberline HD Lifetime shingle. Also check out our roof options page. This is a proven shingle, being the #1 selling shingle in the Northeast. All our residential roof replacements come with GAF's System Plus Warranty. This warranty is available only through a GAF certified contractor.


  • Last but not least a ridge vent will be installed on    your roof peaks, which is designed to accomodate GAF's ridge cap shingles to allow it to blend perfectly with your new roof.

Quality Materials

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